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The Benefits of Powder Coating Your Walls

If you are planning to shape up your walls and have them look fresher and new, then you might have to think about what kind of paint you are going to use. You might just be looking at colors of regular paint, but what about the actual paint itself? When you paint your walls, you want it to last and be well worth the money. Powder coating your walls has been a trend lately and it’s no surprise as to why because of all of its benefits. Take a look at some of the advantages that you can get from powder coating your walls.


A ton of people nowadays are doing their part to be as eco-friendly as possible. Since we all share the same planet, it is a good idea to take as many steps as we can. When you use regular paint, there are tons of toxic fumes that enter the air that are not only bad for our lungs, but for the environment as well. Most paints are a danger when disposed of in a landfill or contain lots of nasty solvents.

However, powder coating is the eco-friendly alternative to getting a new look in your home. It’s non-hazardous and doesn’t contain any of the solvents or chemicals that most regular paint contains. Powder coating doesn’t pollute the air and water, unlike regular paint. Even something as small as changing what kind of item you will use to coat your walls can make a huge difference to our planet.

Long Lasting

Regular paint tends to chip, bubble, and tear away after a year or so, even sometimes months. It is prone to getting scratched off easily if you accidentally chip or scrape your wall. However powder coating Cornwall, South West offers a much more long-term solution to keep your walls vibrant and pristine. Powder coatings are very resistant to wear and tear because of its curing process. Additionally, you can apply this in very thick layers, unlike regular liquid paint.

Another bonus is the color itself. Normal paint tends to fade through time as it’s exposed to sun, rain, heat, or the elements in general. Not only will regular paint lose its color, but those factors are also the reason why regular paint tends to chip and get ruined so quickly. Because of how resistant powder coating is, it takes a very long time for the color to fade.

Cost Efficiency

Using liquid paint on your walls doesn’t last as long. Therefore, you will be required to have it done again by professionals or get tired by painting your walls every year. While powder coating might be more expensive at first, the long-term savings is well worth it for the quality that you are getting and the amount of time that you will save.

It is time to say goodbye to buying liquid paid that shoves harmful toxins into your lungs and the air and embrace powder coating Cornwall, South West instead. It’s a cost-efficient, long-lasting alternative to color your home.

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