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Solar Power Seattle: Proper Maintenance of Your Solar Panels

Solar energy overtime has constantly risen in popularity among homeowners throughout the world. It is no longer surprising to see an arrangement of solar panels atop one’s roof as an alternative or a complement to the normal power source. To those who harness the endless power of the sun as a source of their electricity, they understand the full importance of their solar panels. Indeed, there would be no conversion of solar power to electricity if these panels are missing or are not functioning properly. Hence you need to consult a professional for the installation of solar power Seattle.

One reason why your solar panels might not be functioning at their best is the accumulation of dirt on their surfaces. So here are a few ways to make sure that your panels are always dirt free.

 Cleaning Your Solar Panels

The first advice for you here is to contact a professional to help you clean your solar panels. These panels are integral to your generation of solar power, and it would be best if you let someone qualified to handle them. But if you must do it yourself, here are a few more advice.

If your panels are set up on the ground or on someplace easily accessible, then you could use a soft-bristled brush and a mild soap to clean them. The brush should have a long handle so you can cover all the surface area of the panels.

It gets trickier when your panels are mounted on high places that are hard to access. In this case, you could get a high-pressure hose nozzle that has a provision for soap. This allows you to spray the panels with soapy water and then hose them off quickly.

Solar power Seattle is not an easy task, hence it is advisable to get help for professionals. These experts have what it takes to properly maintain and keep your solar panels in good working condition.

What Else Should You Know?

When it comes to maintaining your solar panels, nature does the bulk of the work. Rain and melting snow will clear off almost all the dirt and animal dropping that might be on your panels. However, if you are not in an area that has plenty of rainfall or snow, then it is best to carry out a proper cleaning of your panels from time to time.

You could determine when cleaning your panels is really necessary by carrying out a monthly check up on them for any dust or dirt accumulation. In some cases, you might notice a reduction in the efficiency of your solar Power unit. This is also a good indication that you should inspect and probably clean your panels.

It is always best to employ professional help if you are in the slightest bit unsure of what you are to do about your dirty panels. This not only ensures that your panels are in good hands but also ensures your own safety.


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