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Here’s Why You Can’t Run A Dryer Without A Vent

Ask the pros who perform dryer duct cleaning services if a vent is necessary when using a dryer and they will all agree, most especially when you are using a gas-powered dryer. However, the challenge is making a vent that leads to the outdoors. Because unless you own the home, the chances are your landlord will not allow the installation of an outdoor vent because this requires expensive property destruction and vent installation.

With the hassle that comes with installing a vent for the dryer, it is very tempting to run the machine without it, but that will be a bad idea. Before risking your own safety by using the dryer without a vent, here are some reasons to contemplate why you shouldn’t:

Reason #1: It Is A Fire Hazard

The most compelling reason why dryers should always be used with a clean and fully-functioning vent is its potential to start a fire. Dryers use heat to dry your clothes properly, when it is placed inside a small room without proper ventilation, the temperature inside the room will spike. The rise in temperature can make the house uncomfortable, but there is another ingredient required to spark flames: lint.

Even if you have a vent for the dryer, but it is clogged with lint, the machine becomes a fire hazard. A clogged vent can overheat easily and the lint becomes kindle to the fire which can quickly get out of hand. Don’t risk your safety, never run a dryer without a vent or if the vents haven’t been cleaned in a while.

Reason #2: Mold Growth

The small laundry room is a paradise for mold and mildew growth because there is a continuous source of water. Add to that the humidity created by a dryer without a vent and you have the perfect climate for growing mold. Small, damp rooms are a breeding ground of mold spores that can affect the health of everyone living in the house.

It is best to hire professional dryer duct cleaning services before running a dryer with a broken or dirty vent. If there are no vents in your laundry room, stop using your dryer until one can be installed to expel hot air and possible spores from mold and mildew.

Reason #3: The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide

Dryers that run on gas are especially dangerous when used without proper ventilation. Gas dryers can easily fill the entire home with high levels of carbon monoxide which is lethal when inhaled for a prolonged period. When the gas leaves the dryer’s exhaust and it has no way out of the home it will stay indoors and spread all over the house until it reaches toxic levels.

Not Worth The Risk

No matter how tempting it is to continue using your dryers after the vent breaks or because you aren’t allowed to install vents, do not do so. There are serious life-threatening risks involved when using dryers without vents and it is not worth it to compromise your safety. Call for immediate professional dryer and vent services at once so you can start doing laundry at home again.

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