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Here’s Why Portable Toilet Rentals Are Perfect For Construction Sites

There are times when you would have no choice but to answer the call of nature. But imagine if this situation happens when you’re attending a music festival or when you’re working at a construction site? Sounds stressful and too much of a hassle, right?

This is why the demand for Port a Potties for rent has continued to increase during the recent years. This rather innovative bathroom alternative has offered convenience to many people — from event organizers to attendees, employers to laborers working in an area where traditional toilets are a scarcity.

If you’re a contractor working on a vital construction project, you can make use of portable toilet rentals to cater to your workers’ bathroom needs. Read on to know more about this topic.

The Right Type

There are different types of porta potties for rent, but for a construction site, high-rise or rollable portable toilets are the most common choice. They are built on wheels so you can easily move them around the working area. There are also crane hook types that can be attached to cranes so they can be lifted into higher floors of a building.


Why rent a portable toilet? Here are the advantages you will be able to enjoy:

Compliance to law

It is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for construction sites to have portable toilets. These toilets should be located in areas where sewer lines are shut off for at least three days.


Apart from it being a legal obligation, the presence of portable toilets in construction sites provides convenience to the workers and professionals like architects and engineers involved. These toilets are available 24/7 for their bathroom needs.


The lack of toilets in a construction site sometimes prompt workers to relieve themselves somewhere in their working location. Porta potties, therefore, play a vital role in securing sanitation.


With the provision of a toilet space available 24/7, construction workers can now focus on their work without having to worry about the sudden call of nature. Increased productivity will ultimately lead to he successful completion of your construction project.

Things to Consider

Before you look for a company that offers porta potties for rent, take these things into account first:

Number of users and frequency of use and cleaning schedule

Placement of the portable toilets

The budget you are willing to shell out for this aspect of your construction project

Choosing the Right Rental Company

After identifying the abovementioned thing, it is highly recommended to document them. This will come handy when you’re already in the phase of choosing the right rental company.

If you want to pick the most suitable company for you, you must do your part and make a thorough research. Search online and ask around. Look into their experience and check out what their previous clients are saying about them.

After narrowing down your choices, it’s time to request for quotes. Weigh down on your prospect companies’ price offering and quality of services.

Finally, seal the deal by inking a contract and set the schedule when they can bring and install the portable toilets. Always keep communication lines open for any concerns that may arise.

For your portable toilet needs, Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service offers Port a Potties for rent. Contact us today for details!


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