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Heating and Air Conditioning from Trusted Local Businesses

It is important that you work with trusted local businesses to maintain and repair Heating and Air Conditioning Sevenoaks. They’re primary requirements especially for businesses that are front-facing. When you entertain customers on a daily basis, it is essential that you have your equipment inspected and maintained by reputable professionals.

Another thing that you have to consider when it comes to Air Conditioning Service Bromley is how much experience the company that you’re going to hire has. Have they worked on a particular unit that you are using? Do they know the safety rules and regulations in place for the area that you are operating in?

Why work with local businesses?

When you work with a local business, the Air Conditioning Maintenance Orpington and Air Conditioning Repair Tunbridge Wells that you will get will be particular to the area that you are operating in. The professionals will know why you had the specific unit installed in the first place because they know how high or low the temperature can get.

Identifying which local business to trust with your heating and air conditioning requirements can be tedious especially with so many professionals claiming to be the best experts. However, only the most reputable companies will have great reviews and have the tenure to be proud of.

9 Noises Your Air Conditioner Makes And What They Mean

It is important to identify the different issues that you might encounter with your Heating and Air Conditioning Ashford. The best indicators that you are going to run into trouble soon always come in the form of a consistent sound.

  1. Hissing

When you hear a hissing noise coming from your air conditioner, that means that there is a refrigerant leak that can cause inefficient cooling.

  1. Squealing

When your air conditioner starts to squeal, the high internal pressure has built up to the point that the sensors aren’t able to pick up on them.

  1. Rattling

A consistent rattling noise can be caused by a screw or any component coming loose inside the particular unit of Heating and Air Conditioning Canterbury.

  1. Clicking

Hearing a single click is normal for your air conditioning unit. If you hear it multiple times throughout the day, then there is an issue with the thermostat.

  1. Buzzing

If there is a wiring issue inside the condenser fan motor, you are going to hear a buzzing noise. This is incredibly dangerous as it may cause a spark.

  1. Banging

A louder form of rattling noise, this could mean that a larger part of your air conditioning unit has become loose and is hitting the interior.

  1. Humming

Humming is normal for an air conditioning unit. When it becomes louder and louder as time goes by, there might be something wrong with the pipes inside.

  1. Whistling

A commonly-heard noise in faulty air conditioning units is a whistling sound which can be easily identified as a refrigerant leak.

  1. Bubbling

When the drain line gets clogged, the air conditioning unit will create a bubbling sound.
Whether you need Heating and Air Conditioning Sevenoaks or Air Conditioning Repair Tunbridge Wells, our team at Kent Air Conditioning is happy to be at service. Contact us today!


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