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Confront ice dams with these simple ways

The chilling winds, calm snowfall and hot beverages are the main elements that define the winter season. As against this, winter also offers us a bag of troubles in the form of ice dams.  Ice dams are formed when melting snow freezes into ice at the roofline. Ice dams have often affected the houses at Elk River, MN. Appropriate measures must be undertaken to remove snow from the roof top, failing which can lead to accumulation of snow and further stagnating of melted snow. This melted snow then trickles into the house through windows, doors and walls. This continuous leakage of water may adversely affect the house. Ice dams usually develop of the edge of the roof, but may be formed in other locations depending on the slope, style and orientation of the roof. By closely examining the icicles around the house and water stains and moisture can give you a clue about the ice dam that could be formed. Therefore, suitable ice dam removal techniques should be adopted to keep your house free from ice dams this winter.

Some of the major factors that work behind the formation of ice dams are inadequate insulation and ventilation which keeps the attic hot. The other factors include fluctuating temperatures and radiant heat from the sun. Timely action should be adopted for the removal of ice dams. This can be done by either using calcium chloride or ice and water shield roll or by scraping off the snow from the roof using a roof rake. You can even hire the ice dam removal services at Elk River, MN to pull you out of this trouble. Prompt action must be taken to avoid moisture from entering your home. This is because moisture may lead to the growth of mold and mildew which may cause certain respiratory problems. Wet and damp portions of the house must be quickly dried up to maintain a clean and healthy home environment. Follow the above measures and bid adieu to the ice dams.    


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