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Tips for Selecting the Best Ceramic Floor Tiles for Floor

After shopping around, you must have finally decided to choose ceramic tiles for your floor. Surely ceramic is very good tiling material, as far as durability and versatility is concerned and also great in style.

It is fairly easy to maintain ceramic tiles and also it can offer a completely new appearance which can match with any decorating theme. You can also keep ceramic tiles clean. You can find them in different shapes and sizes, hence you will find no problem to look for one that fits perfectly your space.

While many of you may like to take it as DIY project to lay all these ceramic tiles, but you must understand that this laying process needs plenty of guidance and also patience. In case the tiles are improperly laid, then it will not look as per your expectation.

Try to find a professional for installing the ceramic tiles that you buy, so that you can really enjoy the change for much longer.

Having said this, we would like to share few practical tips to take good care of the Carreaux Metro ceramic tiles.

  1. Understand about different ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles may not be created all equally. There are quarry ceramic tiles that are made out of natural shale and clay. This kind of ceramic tile can be often used in kitchen and bathrooms.

Ceramic tiles may also be made out of compacting clay dust. Such tiles are often used for accent walls and also can be designed beautifully into mosaic tiles.

  1. Glazed and unglazed tiles

While selecting the tiling style which can best suit the space, you may come across glazed or unglazed tiles. Any glazed tiles will come with different finish e.g. high-gloss that becomes slippery while it is wet. For place like bathroom, it is slip-resistant finish that is generally preferred.

These glazed tiles have complex patterns to add special character to your room. Another thing you must be careful about glazed tiles is that they are fragile in nature. Slight chipping may give the tiles very unpleasant or discoloured look.

  1. Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are another common option of tiling that you may come across. These tiles are made by using clay which comes in diverse colour pigments. These mosaic tiles can have either matte or glossy finish depending on your preference.

Mosaic tiles can effectively resist any moisture and chipping. Therefore, they are often preferred in wet areas e.g. bathrooms and kitchen.

  1. Quarry tiles

Those who are looking for unique tiles can go for quarry tiles. They are available in beautiful tones of earth, so that it can be complemented with the traditional theme.

They are produced by firing the clay at very high temperature for long periods. However, they can be porous and not recommended for wet areas. They are also available in different shapes and pattern that you can select from.

  1. Choosing the proper ceramic tiles size

As ceramic tiles are available in different shapes and sizes, it is bit confusing to select the right one. If your room space is limited, then smaller ceramic tiles having simple patterns will be more suitable.

Larger tiles are usually more preferable for spacious rooms.


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