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Today on sale you can find such a wide range of roofing materials that it is not easy to figure it out. Consulting with friends: “Which roof to choose?”, you are likely to receive an answer based on purely personal experience. But this does not mean that in your particular case, for example, the roof is as soft as the neighbor’s.

The answer to the question of how to choose a roof consists of three main components:

  • recommendations of qualified experts of the company “Roof Shop”
  • advice and feedback from people who have already opted for a certain type of roof
  • personally collected information from verified sources
  • Analysis of the data and orientation on the individual design parameters of the house will help you choose the best materials for the roof

Key selection criteria

The quality of the roof should come first. The durability and reliability of the roof depends on it. Companies that value their reputation offer only certified branded materials. Selling high-quality roofing materials is the key to customer confidence. Therefore, when deciding where and which roof to choose , you should contact only specialized companies that are ready to provide documentary guarantees of the quality of your products. From the roofing company Athens GA you can find the best deal now.

The main quality criteria include: durability, safety, frost resistance, reliability, type and thickness of coating, ease of installation and resistance to damage. When choosing materials for a roof, it is necessary to arrange these indicators according to the degree of importance, which will help to orient oneself on a specific roofing material.


The price of roofing materials interests everyone: those for whom this criterion is in the first place, and those who first of all value quality and a presentable appearance. Managers of the Roof Shop company note that one type of roof can have a different cost depending on the manufacturer.

  • All materials for the roof roof depending on the price can be divided into several groups. So asbestos-cement sheets (slate), steel sheets with and without galvanization (corrugated board), bituminous corrugated sheets, ondulin are referred to the economy class . All these materials are traditional, time-tested and easy to install. The main disadvantages are a modest appearance and susceptibility to mechanical damage.

The next category is business class . Sales of roofing materials of this group are the most profitable. The business class includes metal roofing and soft roofing . The advantage of flexible tiles is ease of installation, tightness of the joints of the roofing carpet, high level of sound insulation, presentable appearance. A soft roof with proper installation is resistant to gusts of wind and the formation of condensation in the under-roof space. When choosing a soft roof, the experts of our company recommend paying attention to the angle of inclination of the slopes. For flexible tiles, it should be at least 12º.

Last Words

The metal tile has an attractive appearance, successfully simulating natural tiles. Proper maintenance guarantees the preservation of perfect coverage and a long service life. The issue of metal tile noise raised during the sale of this roofing material is solved with a polymer coating of 200 microns and a thicker layer of internal thermal insulation.


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